3D Spherical Image Gallery

3D Spherical Image Gallery is a unique state of the art website plugin, which transforms your set of regular 2D photos into an interactive infinite spherical gallery. The plugin uses WebGL for rendering 3D graphics in a browser and also requires PHP 5.4+ to process images on the server side.

  • Unlimited images
  • Major image formats support
  • Automatic crop and scale
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails
  • Responsive
  • Tap & swipe enabled
  • Javascript and WordPress versions

Payment gateways for Laravel

If you build a Laravel ecommerce application or other type of service that requires accepting payments from customers you will have to integrate a payment gateway. Save your time with our Payments package for Laravel! It comes with several payment methods already integrated, so that you can hook them up with your application in no time. Here is the list of features that the Payments package offers:

  • PayPal integration
  • Stripe integration
  • Skrill integration
  • 2CheckOut integration
  • MercadoPago integration
  • EasyWire integration
  • Email notifications
  • Admin pages
  • User input validation
  • CSRF, XSS, SQL onjection protection
  • Race condition protection